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                                                      US History Course Objectives and Pacing Guide

Goal 1:  The New Nation        7 days
Competency Goal 1    The New Nation (1789-1820) - The learner will identify, investigate, and assess the effectiveness of the institutions of the emerging republic.
Major Topics:  Presidencies of George Washington / John Adams / Thomas Jefferson
        War of 1812

Goal 2:  Expansion and Reform                8 days
Competency Goal 2    Expansion and Reform (1801-1850) - The learner will assess the competing forces of expansionism, nationalism, and sectionalism.
Major Topics:  Nationalism /  Sectionalism
        Marshall Court /  Early 1800s Reforms
        Jacksonian Era
        Manifest Destiny – Oregon Territory / Texas / Mexican War

Goal 3:    Crisis / Civil War                    7 days
Competency Goal 3    Crisis, Civil War, and Reconstruction (1848-1877) - The learner will analyze the issues that led to the Civil War, the effects of the war, and the impact of Reconstruction on the nation.
Major Topics:  Causes of Civil War /  Civil War – key battles and personalities

Goal 4:   The West                        6 days
Competency Goal 4    The Great West and the Rise of the Debtor (1860s-1896) - The learner will evaluate the great westward movement and assess the impact of the agricultural revolution on the nation.
Major Topics:  Government policies  -Native Americans /  Cattle and Mining Industry
        Farmers / Populists

Goal 5:  Industrial Society                    7 days
Competency Goal 5    Becoming an Industrial Society (1877-1900) - The learner will describe innovations in technology and business practices and assess their impact on economic, political, and social life in America.
Major Topics:  Gilded Age Corruption in Politics and Big Business / Growth of Cities /     
              Turn of the Century Life, Technology /  Immigration

Goal 6:  Imperialism                        5 days
Competency Goal 6    The emergence of the United States in World Affairs (1890-1914) - The learner will analyze causes and effects of the United States emergence as a world power.
Major Topics:  Hawaii Annexation / Spanish-American War / Panama Canal / Open Door
                         Notes / Big Stick Diplomacy

Goal 7:  Progressives                        7 days
Competency Goal 7    The Progressive Movement in the United States (1890-1914) - The learner will analyze the economic, political, and social reforms of the Progressive Period.
Major Topics:   Theodore Roosevelt / William H. Taft /  Woodrow Wilson / Muckrakers     
                          Progressive Reforms /  Limitations of Progressives

Goal 8:  WWI    and the 1920s                    8  days
Competency Goal 8    The Great War and Its Aftermath (1914-1930) - The learner will analyze United States involvement in World War I and the war's influence on international affairs during the 1920's.
Major Topics:  WWI causes / American Home front / Wilson Peace Plan /  Treaty of
                         Versailles /  Politics, Culture,  Social atmosphere and Economics of
        The 1920s  (a portion of Goal 9 will be dealt with here)

Goal 9:  Depression and the New Deal            5 days
Competency Goal 9    Prosperity and Depression (1919-1939) - The learner will appraise the economic, social, and political changes of the decades of "The Twenties" and "The Thirties."
Major Topics:  Causes of the Great Depression / Suffering during the Depression /
        Hoover’s efforts /  FDR / New Deal Programs /  Impact & Legacy of
        New Deal  (the 1920s portion of Goal 9 is included with previous unit)

Goal 10:  WWII and the Early Cold War            10 days
Competency Goal 10    World War II and the Beginning of the Cold War (1930s-1963) - The learner will analyze United States involvement in World War II and the war's influence on international affairs in following decades.
Major Topics:  Causes of WWII /  Major military campaigns and personalities /
        Holocaust / WWII Home front / Early Cold War – Truman – Eisenhower
        Kennedy Presidencies

Goal 11:  1950s / 1960s                    10 days
Competency Goal 11    Recovery, Prosperity, and Turmoil (1945-1980) - The learner will trace economic, political, and social developments and assess their significance for the lives of Americans during this time period.
Major Topics:  1950s Culture /  Modern Civil Rights Movement – 1950s-1960s /
        Vietnam War and Era /  1960s Culture / Feminist Movement / LBJ and
        Great Society programs / Space Exploration

Goal 12:  US Since 1980s                    7 days
Competency Goal 12    The United States since the Vietnam War (1973-present) - The learner will identify and analyze trends in domestic and foreign affairs of the United States during this time period.
Major Topics:  Politics and Presidents Nixon - Present / Modern Immigration Trends / Technology Trends / Industry Trends / Cultural Trends /  Terrorism  / Exam Review

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